After smashing sets around Australia, French Captain Pastek has sent some serious ripples through the doof scene. Releasing on Zenon Records, Stereo Society and Guardian records, his unique style of psychedelic techno has captured our attention.

At Sektion Sound we love to host artists that approach music in a different way. Theo’s powerful industrial-yet-cinematic sound is so different from the Aussie bush techno that we’re used to.

After seeing him perform, we were just dying to find out how he does it.

Join us for an evening of learning and connection in a cozy Brunswick warehouse.


Actually finishing a song is one of the biggest struggles for producers. How do you even know when a song is done? In this workshop, Scionaugh will describe a systematic and repeatable approach to finishing songs. From opening a fresh project to ending with a finished mix down, he will describe his workflow and how to identify and overcome the most common pitfalls that get in the way of reaching the finish line. The workshop will give you a step-by-step approach for creating a song from start to finish that allows you to maintain momentum. The outline of the lesson is as follows:

  • How to start strong – Capture the soul of your song 
  • How to turn a loop into a song  – Song structure/ progression
  • How to maintain energy throughout the track – Transitions and sweeps
  • How and when to add details – Ear candy and fills 
  • How to be confident in your mix – Referencing and mix down techniques


The workshop will feature a 2 hour lesson from Hellquist including a Q&A. The event will be followed by an opportunity for us all to hang out, talk shop and share ideas. The topics you can expect to learn:

Workflow: General tips on how to start and finish tracks, some of the secrets of consistently finishing and releasing tracks. 

Innovative percussion: Using the drum rack in unusual ways to create psychedelic percussion as well as other ways of creating percussion. In this part he will also talk about his theory of groove and arrangement of percussion

Resampling: Using iterative resampling to create unusual sounds.

Subterranean Atmospheres: Make creamy dark atmospheres to get lost in.

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