Everything you need to design top quality Kick Drums. Kicks are essential to electronic music and this will be the ultimate guide to personalising your kicks to a professional standard. The module includes videos on:

  1. Kick 2 Design
  2. Clicks on Kicks
  3. Post Processing Kicks
  4. Layering Kicks
  5. Tuning Kicks




This is a short course exploring ideas for bass design and the processes available as a producer when focusing on this frequency zone. 

This module includes videos on:

  1. Static Sub Basses
  2. Psytrance Bass
  3. Recycling Basses
  4. Layering Mid-Basses
  5. Dynamic Basses
  6. Techno Rumbles




This is the essential pack to achieving cleaner mixes and understanding the why and how of making the puzzle pieces fit.

This module includes videos on:

  1. Sidechaining
  2. Sidechaining Other Elements
  3. All About Compression
  4. Stereo Widening
  5. Headroom and FX Order
  6. Mixing In Motion


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