Dedicated Educators

Alexander Reely and Gabriel Robinson are your humble educators who have designed Sektion Sound courses to be effective, digestible and encompass gradual continuity. Between the two there is 20+ years of musical experience and a broad knowledge base that extends beyond the aural. Alexander holds a Bachelor of Music/Teaching and a Masters of Counselling, has 16 years of guitar playing and provides an adaptive approach to teaching that will prepare students with the right tools on how to navigate their creative minds and their equipment. Gabriel is no stranger to the intricacies of life, specializing in Astrophysics, Mathematics and Electronic Engineering. He is the go-to-go guy for deep, technical exploration and esoteric knowledge of how sound is experienced in our reality. 

One-on-One Private Tuition

Learn better by yourself and in your own comfortabilities? Here at Sektion Sound we have you covered and provide private tutoring via Zoom with either KUNI or Scionaugh. We will cover everything in detail and be able to adapt to your learning needs. You can decide what areas you’d like to focus on and if you don’t know, our experienced teachers will design a progression that will allow you to reach your production goals. Our goal is to help you finish tracks to a release-level standard that you can send to your favourite labels as yours skills progress! 

It all begins with an idea. We will focus on kick + bass relationships and their relationship, creative arrangement and generating sources of sound design to give you an individual style. We want to help you define your musical identity

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