Connection and Community

Sektion Sound was designed with the intention of creating a tight-knit community of producers across Australia and beyond. We want to provide an open space and network of creatives who can humbly share, care and build relationships with each other on a musical and personal level. Together we can forge a strong foundation for the future of underground electronic music and add to the colour of the scene.



Internal and External Worlds

The journey of an artist is full of mountains and cavernous places. It can be unforgiving and fraught with a sense of mystery. It takes a strong will and an unyielding passion to continue to learn and maintain a relationship with oneself and their creations. A big part of this is finding ones musical identity and their purpose through their music. What they wish to represent and what they want to feel. It is through this process of self-discovery that we can explore different parts of our internal world and express it for the external to receive. 




The Idea

Resident Melbourne artist KUNI (Alexander Reely) and Scionaugh (Gabriel Robinson) have been producing music for a number of years together and decided there was a need for a modern music platform for producers to communicate and pioneer new ideas and approaches for following generations to learn. They want to allow other producers to form close bonds so they can grow together and continue the joy of making music with others. 



Start your Journey

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community and welcome anyone with open arms. It’s through respect, honesty and communication where we can all learn from each other via interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. Sektion Sound will continue to grow and expand its teaching resources to the greater community to further this exchange of knowledge and will be looking to feature artists, music, sample packs and much more in the foreseeable future. 

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